Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Salam guys,
Just want to say " saya sgt lenguh"

For this entry, i want to summarize, reflect about my field for this week.
Just wanna make it simple, sorry.

Dental Materials Class

Fun, study pasal dental liner, dental base, amalgam, composite smua2 tuh...
but learning all these...make me sooo blurr. because kdg3 xleh nak imagine benda tuh cane.

so.kenalah g lab.

During practical session 1, we have to mix and handle the clinical dental cement for 

Calcium Hydroxide : dycal dentin base +catalyst.
Zinc Phosphate cements : ZnO + acid
Zinc Oxide Eugenol 
Zinc Polycarboxylate Cements

hah. masa buat semua neh sepah2 kot.

'Be more efficient, work fast,clean,clear and sincere'

Optech Class

This week we were having a cavity preparation for class 1. 

on monday : Practice cavity preparation on gigi palsu
on Wednesday : cavity preparation and composite filling on 16 natural tooth. Phew. Im done.
Fortunately, i got the signature..and i passed. 2 hours kot bru siap. kesian DUMMY.

Memang termangu2, terkial2, terbongkok2, all in 1 la..
kdg2, time tension2 neh la plak handpieces and dummy punya kepala wat hal.
lagi beban! T.T

'You must work indirectly..look the upper teeth with a mirror'
'You must group your instruments, arrange it well with their main fx'
'You must clean the head of carver after use it..if not i 'll deduct your mark'
'before curing the composite..make sure u carve it well'
'Your polishing is not good enough'
'Please turn off your red light'
' give me a dental sit'
' your hands is to weak..need more practice'


Cabarans. Cubaans. Cool. Xnak jd Cuai! okay. wish me luck ;)

'terbongkok3..cepat retired la korang'~ Pn. Rogayah.

amalgam, composite, cement ; tampalan
dental line,base, blablabla ; adik bradik tmpalan. xlengkap xder diorg,
tooth cavity preparation; prepare tooth for filling.
Class 1 ; cavity in pit and fissure occuring mainly on the occlusal surfaces of premolars and molars
16 tooth : right maxillary 1st molar

p/s ; nak citer byk. xpi mls plak. kan xabis2 entry kali neh :P

"Bersangka baiklah kepada Allah"

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