Miss Invi

A strong Gurl.

She Has a strong desire.

She Has A High Spirit.

She want to shine brighter than a STAR.

When She fail or fall...she will try to get up again..

No matter how hard is it.

She will get through all this...

She will never cry..

.More about her.

4 years she played and learned at HOME

1 year She was being forced to study at TADIKA *ANAK SOLEH* reka jew..wakakaka..*forgot

1 year studied at TADIKA.. *YONG CHENG *something like that la..*forgot

6 years studied at *SRI SURIA 3*

3 years studied at *MAAHAD AHMADI TANAH MERAH*

2 Years studied at *MAAHAD MUHAMMADI (P) KOTA BHARU*

1 years studied at *USIM NILAI* 


InsyaAllah. A dentist to be.


She does not know...what would might be happen then..

She never know.

There is only one thing she knows. MATI itu PASTI

Just. pray for her happiness.DUNIA @ AKHIRAT




p/s;   Thankyou ALLAH, 

teme kasih mak dan ayah

♥ Always remember to slow down in
life; live;breathe, and learn ;
take a look around you
whenever you have time
and never forget everything
and every person that has the least place
within your heart ♥
tenks to my whole family
tenks to fwens.