Friday, September 23, 2011

still alive.

hello fellowssssss, :O hello blog!!
lame xblogging weh. rase malas gile. huehueehue.

2 weeks had past, being as a dental 2nd year student…
get to know all the dental stuff„especially those many many instruments and materials from A-Zzz,
it is more tougher than 1st year.. more into to be a true dentist„ 
We are introduced to sit on the dentist’s chair in simulation lab for a practical task, taking over the dummy, basic instrument and most importantly the handpieces..
The statement that i like the most is   ’Today you will become a true dentist…without handpieces you are useless!’~Dr Ahmed
*kena jaga bek2 handpieces neh…harga mahai wooo. smpai 2-3 ribu kot*

First impression, ‘cuak’, ‘kekok’ haha.. for the 1st time, being able to sit on the dentist’s chair,use the handpieces, touch the dummy. it was like..’omg this is how they work?’. i cant say anything, but it was super amazing…its is about Science and Art.
First thing that we did is to carve,curve the fissure on the occlusal of tooth using high and slow handpieces. it was bad art at first, the fissure was like ’ cacing kerapu je ak tgk’ haha. but practice make perfect! The more you practise the more you develop the talent! am i right?
Secondly, we did practice the isolated tooth treatment using the rubber dam. truly. it was difficult thing i havent done. we must do it on dummy. * kesian dummy aku. bak kata Ha Rang heh mati dulu kot patient sblum sempat pasang* ... but we must think +ve, everyone can do it. The more you give urs effort, the more you get the gold.

“ramai g bersepah2 people yg da jadi dentist..ofcourse korang leh buat semua neh”~ms Z 

and igt
“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perfusion” *ini buat quote sendiri! ;O sebab lupa dah quote sebenar.
It means…we are automatically born clever! But to be clever enough it is how we do it, give effort, cope with it;face it..develop ourselves.. to be more best among the best! *memandai.

*ntah..korang faham ke x? :P

Anxiety..fears all came over me. but i must remember that ” Knowledge is the antidote to a fear” 
Sincerely..babbling myself. reflecting all wrongdoings that i have done during this simulation lab.
I just want to express my feel about this field..if u have any comments feel free to comment! Tenks!

our preclinical dummy

P/s ; sorry, this story is officially 'rojak fingertyping'

dummy ; patient patong
handpieces ; please google it ;p
rubber dam ; yg wana ijau tuh...pi google!.

"Bersangka baiklah kepada Allah"


Azree said...

Suka eh dengan bidang ni..?

Moga menjadi dentist professional then..


MissInvisible said...

suka buleh develop ;D


290426 said...

mcm penah nmpk post neh ;P

MissInvisible said...

hang rang.yes.tumblring to blogging.
so, my beloved blog up to date.wakaka