Saturday, April 16, 2011

CS 2 :)

Reflection 2

On 2nd April 2011, we as 1st year student faculty of dentistry USIM has carried out our second community service at Pertubuhan Anak Yatim & Miskin (PEYAKIN) Klang. Approximately 30 students have involved in this community service accompanied by Pn Badariah and two lecturers, Dr Azlan and Dr Aspalela and some of our seniors. About 60 residents lived in PEYAKIN which were orphan and come from poor family. But only 40 students were totally involved in our community service.

We departed from our campus to PEYAKIN about 8.00 a.m. At 8.45 am, we arrived at PEYAKIN, and then we gathered and set up all equipments and tools in a proper place. We all played a major performance in our own job to make this program went smoothly and effectively. I performed a major job as committee member of multimedia presentation. Ainul , Aqilah and me had planned a proper video to be presented to all the residents of PEYAKIN include slide show presentation, video tooth brushing demonstration and photos presentation.

We did our part with a great work. When multimedia presentation was aired, almost of them give a great attention especially for the part of tooth brushing demonstration. At first, we did a wrong technique in presenting our video, we played a song during open ceremony, and we did not stop it after the event. This make the video presentation become worst as it played with the open ceremony’s song. Fortunately, we did a prompt adjustment and they enjoyed the presentation very well. From this problem, I learned to be more organize to manage the video because this video is really important in giving awareness to the children. Consequently, they would be able to gain best information to brush the teeth effectively.

After presenting our video, they had been divided into 4 groups to practice effective tooth brushing technique. We were busy ourselves capture the moments, meanwhile I was being able to see their own willingness to brush their tooth effectively with their friends. They seemed to receive the information well as they were able to recall and do exactly the same as we taught them. Definitely, the video make a great influence by giving them consistency of instruction in order to brush tooth effectively. From this, I learned how other thing can lead them to gain new perspective such as positive lifestyle choice in their behavior.

Whole day, we snapped the pictures and recorded some of the activities. We used the cameras and laptop all the times to gather and edit it for the next last video presentation. Out of the blue, during dental check up, the electrical supplement at PEYAKIN was totally black out. Fortunately, I brought the battery for backup plan, if not, maybe we not have enough time. We managed to edit some interesting photos and video taken along day especially during game time. Last video presented our sweet memories together. The children enjoy and get excited when some of their photos were displayed in the video even the supervisor of PEYAKIN; Pn Zaleha asked soft copy of the video from us. We were satisfied for our video's performance :)

We enjoyed our jobs. Yeah, totally awesome. Snapping a lot of precious moment with them, make us realize how awesome it was. But we felt little bit upset because we were not totally involve with the activities which were being held along the day. Yes, we were too busy capturing their smiling face. Yes, that was our job! Least communication between them made me more upset, and next time if I get this job again, I will make sure that I will able to polish my skill communication with them. 'Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such a joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.' That is why i love doing this job <3

Last but not least, community service provides us with motivation which is necessary to put an effort in academics, it gives us opportunities to integrate and elaborate on our knowledge, and it increases the likelihood of transferring theoretical knowledge to actual practice. It also puts me out of the box, out of myself, teach me what i havent learn before. And I will do my utmost best for the next community service. Thank you.

''They brighten my day. As they smile I smile, As they Shine I will shine for them.Your Smile We Care.''

p/s; nehh lebih kurang sama jaaa dgn cs1 agak skema kot cket. =.=' english memang gaya sakai. ohhhhhh =.=' ...grammartical error...ergh


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