Friday, April 15, 2011

CS 1 :)


On 8th January 2011, we as student of dentistry had constructed the community service program at Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Subang Jaya. We all played a major performance in our own job to make this program went smoothly and effectively. I performed a major job as committee member of food and beverage. We supplied the food and beverage for the committee members and the children twice for one day.

There are many things that I learned about myself during this community service. First I learned the element consciousness of self. During this program I learned to be aware and alert what I am going to do next and what the others need. I believe that this element had taught me to motivate one to take an action and understand others.

Furthermore, I also learn to be more confident to take an action, make a good decision on what to do next, and also more confident to communicate with the community especially with the children. Honestly, I am not really good in communicating with children, that’s why I hate kids. But when doing this job, I know deep down in my heart I learn one more thing in myself which is “I love them so much”. :)

In additions, I gain the most important element in myself which is being a responsible citizen. Responsible citizen is we are responsible being there for other people; not just looking up for yourself and other friends. Being responsible to me means reaching out past yourself to see what you can do. It’s more than just doing my job, because that’s what I am expected to do. Yes, for the best thing i made, after the dental check up, when giving them the food, for example,for those who have caries i motivate and advise them to take less sugar and ect. I feel happy to share with them what i’ve learned in class.

When I finished my job, I help others entertain the children by participating and playing the game together. I learned many good values from others especially from the children. They shared the happiness, difficulties together, help and support each other during the games. They taught me how to make a bond of friendship and respect one another. They had proved that although they come from a variety of different background, they still unite together as a big one happy family.

On my personal level, I did made a great friendship with Amira(one of the children) also the rest of the people at home, it is always comfort to see the smiles on their face whenever I give them the food after playing time. I felt connected with them and I know i had made them happier.

In a nutshell , community service puts me out of myself and lets me see a different part of myself, which is important to me. I had learned many things in improving myself. And I will do my utmost best for the next community service. Thank you.

p/s; cs 2 to be continued..erk..malasnya....english yg terumbang-ambing -.-'


dr.mya said...

tk jmpa pon budak nama amira.
yg mana satu ek.ada gmbr tk?
mesti comel.

Miss Invisible :D said...

haha.neh cs 1. adalaa