Tuesday, December 21, 2010

relief..part two

Amusement Park

~world of adventure~

this part is for people who prefers to keep dry...:)

Lost City of Gold

'where.. we r not tryin to kill ourselves..'
at 1st i refused to ride this Tomahawk....360 degreess swings

wanna ride on this?
you might be thinking several times!
think. think. think
spin yourself silly on the Apache Pots..upside down...
one complete 360 revolution
..o.m.g..im not tryin to ride this..
nope..a deathwish!
but maah fwens managed drag me on that silly riding spin...lol
tp haha...best!!!!!!!!! anis n qila..terjerit2..."xnak dah xnak dah"
'All is well'....hehe

same goes to 'Pirate's revenge'....360 degreees
but this make two! i mean two...dua.. complete 360 revolutions O.o!! gler weh...
dah laa berhenti lama gler time upside down.....dua kali plak tuh...cri nahas..

we had no time to ride this thing..ahaha..got dizzy already.

NEXT :: Roller coaster..

foreigner said "ahh..mom..im feel like in hollywood"
hahahha...im bluffinng with maah fwens..
'how it feel???'hee.." biasa aja"
~~terhantuk kepala aku..melayang2..uissh!
selalu ja ada nahas bhy yg menimpa aku bile nek roller coaster..sobs..
lucky...this not same as in ts..no upside down..ts lagi sakit weh...upside down punyer versi..fuh

Then Waggon wheel...

bnda neh xnek,,,sebab cm lembab ja...sesuai ngn org yg couple2..haha

p/s: smpai skang pom masih terasa...organ2 aku mcm dikocak2. urat semua..uhh




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