Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Relief...Part 3

Scream Park...

1. Night At The Museum : ALIVE & SCARY

we choose 1.haha..
xtau plak ada nom 2..
kalau x da msuk da...men tembak2..

huh..terrified uh? sobs...

first they ask u to line up and give some advices..
we lined up with some guys 3 guys...haha...
and mizah the last one at the back..me 2nd at da back..HAHA
we are 1st group.....
'dont ever leave ur things behind coz..its really dark..cnt find the thing left behind'
'dont ever touch the ghost..they might touch you!'

suddenly.. the ghost guy opened da door and shouted at us..
somethin like that laa..susah plak nk explain.jijiji
siot...gler..terperanjat gler weh....1st2 da buat gimik cmtu..
kitorg terkepit2 masuk..ahhaaha..nk tecbut kasut aku..kikiki

after that ,they put us in a room..with a projector.
some movie theatre thing..ghost hunter..haha
sort wastim our time....
im stand still like hell..u noe.later.some ghost
came closer and closer...shouted at us..o.m.g apa lagi..
'tergelak' la aku..dah la...aku neh suka making ilusi sendiri..au..
ntah apa aku byg blkang aku...ngn langsir semua.. sort of light..
somethin dat a ghost is hanging up there..jijijiiji =.='
''qila jgn pandang blakang..die ada..die ada...sobs''
qijo looked behind..n she said..nothin there la mek..

then..."terror tunnel"

aku lupa kat lam neh ka die bg 3d's glasses?hah?
we go through it like zombie uhh...
bcause the walls are keep rotating...making us dizzy...
not terrifying at all...

then rumah hantu 3D .zzz .same tactic
we just following those three guys....
takot weh..diorg plak yg jdi guide kat kitorg..aha!
then..ghost shocked us from left and right.
actually the wall u can pass through.some of it
then.some guy...uh i mean ghost..
they will blow our ear and try to shocked us. antu neh antu tuh laa...
every seconds..every minutes..keluar bbgai antu..shit.
some kind of ju-on style pom ada...hahha
"bajet ju-on la plak" i shouted..kekeke
pastu ada part yg antu bungkus...haha..MELOMPAT LOMPAT weehh...
then ada part surrounded by flying head..there..overthere..
astaghfirullah al-azim..

No one minute we are quiet de,
and heart full of worried and scared

last one is the prison break..
sort of guys with a blood make try to scared us..
we look like an escaped prisoner...
smpai followed behind kitorg..gler cuak..
ada yg tenung bagai...siyes gler muka..

A best moment ever...buleh plak tersesat dlm tuh..keke
bcause 3 guys tuh dh bjaya escaped...so they had left us behind..
i saw KELUAR's sign...tp ilang arah...buleh plak bukak pntu len..
Ada lg upanya..kita x explore...jijiiji
Maisara plak...tnye kat antu."nk pergi mane ne..ahh"s
siyes gazzing from him.. he pointed us...where we should go next..
such a relief..ADA PINTU KELUAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blari2 kitorg keluar..anis kat blakang skali..
.ada lagi antu..shit...tiba2 tkejut..siot.siot.

Scream Park = awesome!!
in tnis scream park..it takes...
15 minutes or more,,we r in dead meat..lol

to be continued

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