Saturday, December 17, 2011


Salam bloggers! Hoping you all going well :) 

Going to tell you about my braces. Updating....
Since last two month, i got my new appliance 
called 'power chains' instead of elastic ligature...blablabla. 
Then, last week i went home..for my new orthodontic treatment...

Dr N  ' nak pakai warna pa pulak'
Aku 'ikot la xkisah'
Dr N 'senang la awk neh..bgus2'

then...assudah..die bagi warna purple! shing! I got new power chain!! haha

So, what you mean by power chain neh?

On Maxillary teeth ; power chains
On Mandibular : elastic ligatures
Why you need power chains?
 The most common reason is to close a gap between your teeth. 
macam ala2 bg extra force to move your teeth faster.hah! 

Then, bila dah letak pwer chain neh kan...

  • it may slightly harder to clean.xpe. You get used to it.haha 
  • Nampak sgt mnyerlah kata org
  • Dramatic changes *utk setengah org mcm aku. Makin close the gaps dlm msa a week je.
  • they do make your teeth ache ..before this xdela sakit sgt..


My ortho's got my teeth in these chains
And they are the kind
That you can see
Whoa oh, these chains on my teeeeeth
Are really killing me-e

p/s: Sakit itu dariNya Sembuh itu pasti dariNya..*got fever*

p/s: Im soo into cooking lately,,being blogwalker from other blogs to another..find the recipes...*Im not a good cook still experimenting with spices and recipes* :)
p/s; gmba diatas bukan gigi aku.

p/s: tahniah budak2 lawnballs and budak2 men chess! 

"Bersangka baiklah kepada Allah"

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