Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank You Friends!


Good friends are like stars....
You don't always see them,
but you know they are always there.

Yes it is true.

credits to all maah friends....
especially my roomates..housemates and classmates.
thnkyou for always being there for me...

And my sweetest friend eva NORA :)
tankyu for the counting days pro examination's calendar :P *sgt terharu*
tankyu for 'nota tisu' asoo...

i will do my best!!!

Gudlak to all Elquatro Estudiente :)

lots of love

p/s: I hate fever :'(
and for above pic...
* thats not only compliment okay!
It is from deep bottom of maahh heart! *siyes iklas!

and asoo tankyu cbibird <3


selimut puteh said...

i hate this love song!

Miss Invisible :D said...

i love this love song :P
you liar liar liar liar

Noor Faradzela Binti Mohamad said...

get well soon,dear :)

Miss Invisible :D said...

tankyou! heee...