Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kinesthetic :)

yes.i am.ntah btul dah jawab soalan VARK :)
resultnya..aku neh adalah 'K' person.
K= kinesthetic or commonly known as Do-ers.

Kinesthetic Learning.?
Kinesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the learner using their body in order to express a thought, an idea or an understanding of a particular concept

oh.dan K person neh....

They may struggle to learn by reading or listening.hah.memang btul!
They also may listen to music while learning or studying..kdg2 ja kot.
They will remember things by going back in their minds to what their body was doing.yupppp.
They need to apply the information and make it their own by constructing something or practising a technique or skill.
They also have very high hand-eye coordination.uh yg neh memang TEPAT!
and very quick receptors. haha.yeke?
Kinesthetic learners' short- and long-term memory is strengthened by their use of their own body's movements.
oh napaknya kena byk bergerak :PP haha

INTAKE for K person....

  • all your senses - sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing ...
  • laboratories
  • field trips
  • field tours
  • examples of principles
  • lecturers who give real-life examples
  • applications
  • hands-on approaches (computing)
  • trial and error
  • collections of rock types, plants, shells, grasses...
  • exhibits, samples, photographs...
  • recipes - solutions to problems, previous exam papers

How to stadi.?

SWOT - Study without tears

Convert your lecture “notes” into a learnable package by reducing them (3:1).

  • Your lecture notes may be poor because the topics were not 'concrete' or 'relevant'.
  • You will remember the "real" things that happened.
  • Put plenty of examples into your summary. Use case studies and applications to help with principles and abstract concepts.
  • Talk about your notes with another "K" person.
  • Use pictures and photographs that illustrate an idea.
  • Go back to the laboratory or your lab manual.
  • Recall the experiments, field trip...


so.output aku to perform well in any test.
kena write n practise answer sheet.paragraph..n so on.
role play the exam situation in your room. susah kot nk jadi role player neh :P

Always kena revise. bru increase understading.


hah.nak try VARK x?

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