Saturday, May 22, 2010

hey guys

hehe,,hows ur life guys?
i quiet busy was 4 weeks already afta the tmhidi end..:'(
i'm really miss u guys...always! everytime...

*my life~3 month~
im such a loser being emo all da time..
everytime i think of you.. i dont know why im being emo like this..
i hate being emo....
mom. i miss you so much.really.. :(

next week the result of our final battle would come out.. heart wasnt pound like a clock as well...=.=
but such a hammer stab <3> onto
i hate thinking of the past that i had done...but no regret nee..
i had already done my utmost best... and doa..
hopefully...'HOPE' i had deactivated maah fb account..why?..why?
hahahaa..dunno why...maybe there are probs laa sayamm...
plus skrang neh..ngah mau 'memboikot fb' xD
wish me luckk...>.<

p/s : Ja nee! take care... >.<

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