Sunday, April 12, 2009


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Nowadays, there're so many "IF".. "WHY" there're so many "IF"?!

1. If you can be animal, what will you be?! Why?!

i would like to be a dolphin! berenam2 dale laut

2. If you robbed a bank, what do you want to do
with the money?! Why?

wee sedekoh nuh



3. If you can teleport yourself to any places in the world, where
do you want to be?! Why?!

everywhere around da world asalkan xde orang ganggu ak cukup

4. If you know that you are dying, what is the last meal
that you want?! Why?!

owss of course fried chicken HPA~~hahaaha meh pakat beli blako

5. If you can kill only one person in this world, who is
at person?! Why?!
xbaek kill ore nih~
if smile will kill someone~i would like to laugh evilly!!!!ha!! ha!!

6. If you can choose either want to have more than 24 hours a day or
can live more than
100 years, what is your choice?! Why?!
dont want laa lama2~
blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comtakut muka ak bkedut

7. If you can da
te celebrities, who is that person?! Why?!

mltan100.blogspot.comShinee members also like zaty wanted~~gagaagaga

8. If you can have only 1 thing in this world,
what should that be?! Why?!

to be loved by someone

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