Sunday, April 26, 2009

The advnture of Merlin xD

'it is my destiny~to protect him'

Merlin: Hey, come on, that's enough.
Arthur: What?
Merlin: You've had your fun, my friend.
Arthur: Do I know you?
Merlin: Uh, I'm Merlin.
Arthur: So I don't know you.
Merlin: No.
Arthur: Yet, you called me 'friend'.
Merlin: That was my mistake.
Arthur: Yes, I think so.
Merlin: Yeah, I'll never have a friend who could be such an ass.
Arthur: Or I one who could be so stupid.

It's a British show about an era where magic is forbidden but a sorcerer (Merlin) sorta accidentally saved Arthur's (A prince) life and was rewarded by being given the position of his servant. And Merlin talks to a dragon who hides in a cave and who claims that "protecting Arthur is Merlin's destiny~~~"

p/s: It sounds quite cheesy here, rofl. But it's a great, feel-good show.. and those two are supercute lols...i can't wait for the second series*cute sigh

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